The Top Digital Marketing Influencers on Twitter

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It’s finally out – the d100 Top Digital Marketing Influencers on Twitter, and it’s not who you may think!

You can download the full report, including the top 100 influencers in each category, averages, and geolocations, here. It is free, but you have to register to receive it.

Influencer marketing is a growing business, but contrary to popular belief, you don’t need legions of followers in order to cash in on this trend.

The influencer mega-stars, those with hundreds of thousands of followers, are notoriously difficult to engage, and even if you do, may want to charge you obscene amounts before they will promote your product or service. According to, an influencer with a million followers or more could demand $2,000 or more per post, well beyond the shallow-pockets of ordinary marketers.

But the good news is, the use of micro-influencers is on the rise. Micro-influencers have a significant, but not massive following, somewhere between 10,000 and 100,000 followers. While their following may be small(ish), their authenticity within their niche audience is high, making them ideal collaborators for product promotion.

In his book, Traffic Secrets, Clickfunnels creator Russell Brunson talks about creating a list of 100 people he would love to collaborate with in order to help him promote his new book. The “Dream 100” he eventually identified had no less than 30 million subscribers and followers between them. He reasoned that he could never afford to market to these 30 million people, but if he could get just one of his Dream 100 to help him, he could tap into an existing stream of potentially hundreds of thousands of potential buyers. Russell reached out to his Dream 100 and asked them if they would be interested in helping promote his new book on launch day. Some agreed, some did not, but by focusing his marketing effort on his Dream 100, he sold over 100,000 copies of his book in a very short period of time!

The d100 Influencers Lists

Finding influencers for your top 100 list can be painful work, involving copious amounts of time-consuming research.

I wanted to find out who on Twitter were the top 100 influencers in digital marketing. Unfortunately it’s not as straightforward as finding people with the most followers. The key to successful influence is engagement, so I wanted to find the people on Twitter involved in Digital Marketing, who had the most engagement.

To cut a ong story short, I developed an algorithm using three core engagement metrics:

  • Retweets per Tweet: The average number of retweets achieved for each post by the influencer
  • % of Posts that are Retweets: The approximate percentage of the influencer posts that are Retweets
  • % of Posts that are Replies: The approximate percentage of the influencer posts that are Replies

Using the algorithm, I developed an Influencer Index: An indicator of the overall influence the user has for the specific niche. This indicator is calculated using an algorithm of weighted activity and engagement metrics. An Influencer Index of 1.00 is strong, and 0.00 is weak.

I then applied this algorithm to two sets of Micro-influencers: Those with a following of under 100,000 down to, and including 50,000; and those with a following of under 50,000. Where possible to identify, I omitted journalists and business accounts from the list, along with any accounts that do not Tweet predominantly in the English Language, or where posts are predominantly political or religious in nature. 

And here are the top 10 results…

The Top Digital Marketing Influencers on Twitter – Under 100k down to 50k

10.812580,123@askforlizLiz Evangelatos Barney
20.802597,056@janetmachuka_Janet Machuka
30.742577,222@aleydaAleyda Solis
40.732586,017@snowinriTimothy Snow
50.730072,659@alexshaikhAlex Shaikh
60.707590,017@jeffreypjacobsJeff Jacobs
70.687577,308@bhalliganBrian Halligan
80.675081,583@billhibblerBill Hibbler
90.665071,747@bradgosseBrad Gosse
100.655054,413@tweetinggoddessSamantha Kelly

The Top Digital Marketing Influencers on Twitter – Under 50k

10.821049,795@zoe_cairnsZoe Cairns
20.812141,447@diofavatasDionisios Favatas
30.810745,470@markritsonMark Ritson
40.797347,543@adeldmeyerAdel Meyer
50.785549,068@peterbordesPeter Bordes
60.784046,426@cc_chapmanC.C. Chapman
70.772247,301@dmboutinDavid Boutin
80.766345,504@kubot12Michelle Kubot Segovia
90.764846,724@nicholaspardonNicholas Pardon
100.754449,467@cozmodivaJennifer Nguyen

A hearty congratulations to everyone who made the list!

You can download the full report, including the top 100 influencers in each category, averages, and geolocations, here. It is free, but you have to register to receive it.

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