Scientifically Proven Ways to Make Changes

Scientifically Proven Ways to Make Changes

A positive mindset can take you a long way down the road of success. ‘I can’ is the mantra you need, along with copious amounts of self-reflection. Understand yourself better, be optimistic, and 2018 could be your year. Interesting article over at Forbes.

“As an educator, I have heard the phrase ‘I can’t do XYZ’ several times, most often this phrase was used in conjunction with words such as ‘math’, ‘science’, ‘problem’ and ‘test’. When we think about it through the academic lens, all of the combination of those words sound harmless – because so what if we can’t do this problem or math or test? There is always another course to take, another test to finish. But when we look at those phrases in a global context, as it pertains to life, we realize how limiting and disadvantageous the combination can be. The essence of life is that it is full of challenges, and some say ‘life is a test’ thus we must be able to face different challenges that arise in life and believe that we can overcome them. In order to do, we have to reframe our mind from the limiting to the limitless. So here are three ways that have been scientifically proven to help us to break out of the constraints, and to realize the great potential within each of us.”


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