Productivity Hygiene

Productivity Hygiene

In these strange days, our Government is teaching us to wash our hands regularly. It helps prevent infection, but apparently, we have a habit of not washing our hands properly. Personal Hygiene.

We are constantly reminded to drive safely on the roads. Stay sober, pay attention, watch your speed. Road hygiene.

Cook foods properly. Separate foods. Sanitise surfaces. Keep appliances clean. Food hygiene.

And in our always-on, attention-demanding, noise-filled digital world, Productivity hygiene is essential.

  1. Close your mail apps.
  2. Put your smartphone on silent and out of reach.
  3. Close your social media apps and tabs on your browser.
  4. Set aside creation time and responding time. Never mix the two.
  5. When you open social media, have a clear intent. Understand what it is you want to achieve with your time.

A productivity hygiene routine is a difficult habit to form, but well worth it!

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Andy Wood

Andy Wood

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