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Discover How to Create a Strong and Long-lasting Online Brand to Power Your  Blog, Your Business and Your Career.


“This book gets it down to the bones with a practical program that you can actually do! Two hours a week, the author says . . . we can do that. It won’t get you a million followers (well, maybe it will), but it promises more reasonable measurements. Lots of links and resources. “




Digital Transformation

The Digital Playbook for Small and Medium Enterprises – 2019

Contains actionable strategies and tactics for digital business

Completely revised, updated and extended for 2019. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: Strategy and Tactics is for small and medium-sized companies, local businesses, solopreneurs and bloggers. Drawing parallels with large corporations and established businesses, it reveals a simple 5-stage Think Digital strategy to guide you to digital transformation success.

ADDED for 2019 – A whole new second strand to the book covering Tactics. A practical guide that translates the Think Digital strategy into actionable tactics to establish your online brand and grow your audience – all without using paid ads!

How To Be A Shit Leader

“A fun but telling critique of modern management B.S.” – AJ

The book to end all leadership books!

How To Be A Shit Leader is a handy pocket guide to becoming the very best at being the worst. It reveals the 51 leadership strategies captains of industry, executives, and even presidents have used to turbo-charge their careers and rapidly climb the ladder of success and wealth, despite having only a single brain cell.

In the spirit of Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power, and The Art of War, Sun Tzu, How To Be A Shit Leader provides a caricature of modern business leadership skills.