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Discover How to Create a Strong and Long-lasting Online Brand to Power Your  Blog, Your Business and Your Career.


“This book gets it down to the bones with a practical program that you can actually do! Two hours a week, the author says . . . we can do that. It won’t get you a million followers (well, maybe it will), but it promises more reasonable measurements. Lots of links and resources. “




Digital Transformation

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: 20 Essential DNA Hacks for Business Success is about engaging with the digitally liquid consumer environment. It reveals a simple to implement, 5-stage Think Digital framework to guide you to digital transformation success.

The way we build and lead business has changed forever. Technology continues to develop at a punishing rate and the seismic impact on the way consumers choose products, choose brands and choose you over your competitors, continues to accelerate. Business leaders are compelled to ditch the traditional, out-dated business models in favor of new ways of thinking and doing business.

How To Be A Shit Leader

“A fun but telling critique of modern management B.S.” – AJ

The book to end all leadership books!

How To Be A Shit Leader is a handy pocket guide to becoming the very best at being the worst. It reveals the 51 leadership strategies captains of industry, executives, and even presidents have used to turbo-charge their careers and rapidly climb the ladder of success and wealth, despite having only a single brain cell.

In the spirit of Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power, and The Art of War, Sun Tzu, How To Be A Shit Leader provides a caricature of modern business leadership skills.