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Book Marketing For Fiction Authors

“Don’t put off your creative dreams any longer. This book talks about making the time and building your brand. Practical insights and advice that may help you get from “someday” to “right now”. Thank you Andrew Wood for lighting a fire under us creative types!”

Tag Velocity

Discover How to Create a Strong and Long-lasting Online Brand to Power Your  Blog, Your Business and Your Career.


“This book gets it down to the bones with a practical program that you can actually do! Two hours a week, the author says . . . we can do that. It won’t get you a million followers (well, maybe it will), but it promises more reasonable measurements. Lots of links and resources. “




Digital Transformation

The Digital Playbook for Small and Medium Enterprises – 2019

Contains actionable strategies and tactics for digital business

Completely revised, updated and extended for 2019. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: Strategy and Tactics is for small and medium-sized companies, local businesses, solopreneurs and bloggers. Drawing parallels with large corporations and established businesses, it reveals a simple 5-stage Think Digital strategy to guide you to digital transformation success.

ADDED for 2019 – A whole new second strand to the book covering Tactics. A practical guide that translates the Think Digital strategy into actionable tactics to establish your online brand and grow your audience – all without using paid ads!

How To Be A Sh*t Leader

“A fun but telling critique of modern management B.S.” – AJ

The book to end all leadership books!

How To Be A Shit Leader is a handy pocket guide to becoming the very best at being the worst. It reveals the 51 leadership strategies captains of industry, executives, and even presidents have used to turbo-charge their careers and rapidly climb the ladder of success and wealth, despite having only a single brain cell.

In the spirit of Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power, and The Art of War, Sun Tzu, How To Be A Shit Leader provides a caricature of modern business leadership skills.

Cryptocurrency Profits

Start out in Cryptocurrency Investing and Trading

Why, How and Investment Strategies – Bitcoin, Altcoin, ICOs

Some people have made millions with bitcoin right. And now it’s your turn – right? I mean, how hard can it be?

Factual, to the point, and often irreverent, Cryptocurrency Profits is an essential beginner’s guide for anyone wanting to dive in and make some serious money with cryptocurrency. It cuts out the bull, and with a laser-like focus, takes the complete novice and arms them with the stuff they actually need to know to get started.