Kartra Pricing 2020 (including hidden pricing options)

A complete guide to Kartra pricing, features and hidden options
A complete guide to Kartra pricing, features and hidden options

The best Kartra pricing guide 2020 !

This article contains affiliate links. I will receive a small payment if you use them to make a purchase.

In this article I will walk you through the Kartra costs, discounts, main features, and the Kartra packages, including some hidden options – a complete rundown of the Kartra price.

I will also share with you a fantastic offer if you are thinking of using Kartra to start your own wealth-building Digital Marketing Agency!

Some of the pricing reviews available online are a tad misleading and are clearly written by people who have never used Kartra. I am not one of those people!

Note: Don’t forget to check the Kartra feature walkthrough down this post. You’ll find it super-valuable! 

You may notice that I describe Kartra as a ‘Sales Funnel Builder’ but actually Kartra is more of a full-featured digital marketing platform because it has some pretty useful marketing features that standard funnel builders or landing page builders do not have.


For now, let’s keep our attention on the pricing details about Kartra that aren’t necessarily obvious to someone who hasn’t actually gone through the purchase funnel.

Kartra Platform
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Let’s get down to business…

See what we will be covering:

Kartra Prices & Packages: How Much Will It Cost You?

Kartra sales funnel builder has 4 core monthly pricing plans plus a free trial for entrepreneurs who are not yet ready to commit to a monthly or annual plan.  You can grab the Kartra14-day trial for $1.

There is also an Enterprise level plan but pricing is case-by-case, so I will not cover it here.

And there is also a generous  Kartra discount if you choose to pay yearly rather than monthly.

Here are the details of each of the Kartra Packages

#1: Starter Price Plan Package

The Starter plan is aimed at beginner entrepreneurs just getting started in funnel building, or small businesses with only a need for a handful of funnels

Features of the Kartra Starter plan

Here is a summary of the Kartra Starter Plan features:

  • Manage up to 2,500 contacts
  • Send up to 15,000 emails per month
  • 1 Custom Domain
  • Create 2 integrated membership sites
  • Build 100 pages
  • Access to sell 20 products
  • Host 50 Videos
  • Stream 50GB bandwidth of videos on the Kartra video hosting platform
  • Create 1 Helpdesk
  • Add 1 additional team member
  • X – Kartra Agency not included

The cost of Kartra Starter plan

If you choose to pay monthly, the Kartra Starter plan cost is $99 per month. This reduces to $79 a month if you pay annually in advance, representing a 20% discount.

#2: Silver Price Plan Package

This second Kartra pricing plan is suitable for growing businesses that have outgrown the capabilities of the Starter plan. The additional capacities it offers make it the most popular Kartra plan.

Features of the Kartra Silver plan

Below are all the number of pages, sites, contacts, emails, and etc. you get while on this option.

  • Manage up to 12,500 contacts
  • Send UNLIMITED emails per month
  • 3 Custom Domains
  • Create UNLIMITED integrated membership sites
  • Build UNLIMITED pages
  • Access to sell UNLIMITED products
  • Host UNLIMITED Videos
  • Stream UNLIMITED bandwidth of videos on the Kartra video hosting platform
  • Create UNLIMITED Helpdesk
  • Add UNLIMITED team members
  • Kartra Agency INCLUDED

What is the cost of the Kartra Silver plan?

If you choose to pay monthly, the Kartra Silver plan cost is $199 per month. This reduces to $149 a month if you pay annually in advance, representing a 25% discount.

#3: Gold Price Plan Package

The third option is the Kartra Gold Plan, giving you more leads and domains.

Features of Kartra Gold plan

  • Manage up to 25,000 contacts
  • Send UNLIMITED emails per month
  • 5 Custom Domains
  • Create UNLIMITED integrated membership sites
  • Build UNLIMITED pages
  • Access to sell UNLIMITED products
  • Host UNLIMITED Videos
  • Stream UNLIMITED bandwidth of videos on the Kartra video hosting platform
  • Create UNLIMITED Helpdesk
  • Add UNLIMITED team members
  • Kartra Agency INCLUDED

Cost of Kartra Gold plan

If you choose to pay monthly, the Kartra Gold plan cost is $299 per month. This reduces to $229 a month if you pay annually in advance, representing a 23% discount.

#4: Platinum Price Plan Package

This is a plan for big Kartra users, so happy days if you need this level!

Features of the Platinum plan

  • Manage up to 50,000 contacts
  • Send UNLIMITED emails per month
  • 10 Custom Domains
  • Create UNLIMITED integrated membership sites
  • Build UNLIMITED pages
  • Access to sell UNLIMITED products
  • Host UNLIMITED Videos
  • Stream UNLIMITED bandwidth of videos on the Kartra video hosting platform
  • Create UNLIMITED Helpdesk
  • Add UNLIMITED team members
  • Kartra Agency INCLUDED

Price of the Platinum plan

If you choose to pay monthly, the Kartra Gold plan cost is $499 per month. This reduces to $379 a month if you pay annually in advance, representing a 24% discount. 

kartra pricing plans
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Kartra Agency Pricing – What Is It?

Kartra Agency is a special Kartra feature that enables you to manage your agency client accounts from a single dashboard. This is perfect for marketers who build funnels and manage digital marketing for other businesses.

Using the Kartra Agency feature, you can either create accounts from within your own Kartra account, and recharge clients, or you can have clients create their own Kartra account and then manage their account from within your Agency dashboard.

And as you might have seen from the pricing above – you ONLY get this powerful agency feature on the Silver, Gold, and Platinum Plans.

Hidden Pricing Options

There are some hidden pricing options that you need to know about. These are all optional, and totally within your control, but enable you to grab more capacity for your chosen package should you need it.


The starter package comes with a limit of 15,000 emails a month. If you are just starting out this is a massive number of emails. However if you find yourself needing more you can add more email capacity to your package. For each 1,000 emails extra you send, you will be charged just $0.99.

Hosting and Bandwidth

Additional hosting and bandwidth can be added at a rate of $0.19 per gigabyte.

Domain Names

You can add additional domain names to your package for $10 per name per month.

Is Kartra Worth The Price?

Kartra is a go-to tool if you want to quickly create high-quality landing pages and sales funnels, and integrate them seamlessly with pretty awesome email marketing.  The Kartra platform integrates page building, opt-in forms, email marketing, video marketing, shopping and checkout carts, membership sites, affiliate management and help desk, all under a single platform!

If you are just starting out I recommend starting with the Kartra Free Trial, before choosing your package.

If you already have a little experience of funnels and digital marketing, you should consider jumping straight into the Silver package or Platinum package.

I should also mention the excellent done-for-you page and optin-in form templates. The Kartra users can simply choose a page template and then adjust it to suit their specific needs. If you want to build from scratch, there is a raft of building blocks ready-made for you to insert into your page, funnel or form, including headlines, calls-to-action and timers.

There is also a very strong (and growing) collection of done-for-you campaigns. Choose, for example, a book campaign and a complete sales funnel with landing page, m option form, and email sequence is automatically imported into your account. Just replace the details in the sales copy, and you are set to go!

Let me finish off by highlighting the powerful Kartra features.. 

Feature Walkthrough

Pages (Click to read more)

Inside the Kartra platform there is a very feature-rich drag and drop page builder already stacked with professionally designed templates that are already mobile optimized.

kartra pages
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Forms (Click to read more)

There is also and excellent lead capture form builder. You can go with a read-made form, or  create your own custom fields with powerful tagging and automation rules.

Checkouts (Click to read more)

You can hook your platform up to a payment processor such as Paypal of Stripe, and take  online payments through ready-made secure checkout forms.

kartra checkout
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Leads (Click to read more)

Essential a lead management platform, this functionality helps you capture and track your leads. It comes with a sophisticated tagging system to use with Kartra Mail.

kartra leads
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Mail (Click to read more)

Kartra Mail allows you to create automated email marketing campaigns to communicate and engage your leads. The simple-to-use interface enables you to create Behavior-Based Automations and split tests in just a few clicks.

Membership sites (Click to read more)

The membership builder enables you to organize and share your content with your customer base, whether you want to create a training course or a private community space or even a multi-topic content directory.

Funnels & Campaigns (Click to read more)

In Kartra ALL the different pillars of a funnel (pages, optin forms, checkout, mailing, lead tagging, memberships, etc) are already interconnected within one single ecosystem. This means that you can construct a fully-functioning high-performance sales funnel in minutes, all under the same integrated platform.

There are even a series of plug-and-play campaigns for you to import into your account. Some of the world’s top online marketers, such as Frank Kern and Andy Jenkins, have uploaded their best marketing campaigns for Kartra customers to import at will: the famous Four Day Cash Machine, the Book Publisher Model, the Quick Launch campaign, etc. 

Helpdesks (Click to read more)

You can delight your customers by providing an integrated help desk, with multiple support users and even live chat if you want it!

Calendars (Click to read more)

With Kartra calendars you have a simple and intuitive front-end interface where your customers can check, schedule and self-manage their appointments on their own.

Kartra videos (Click to read more)

Kartra can host your videos, add a watermark, and even track and tag people as they watch. With timed calls-to-action and full mobile optimization, Kartra video really is a marketer’s dream come true. 

Affiliate platform (Click to read more)

You can sky-rocket your sales by creating your own affiliate network. Kartra’s built-in Affiliate Management System gives you all kinds of options for incentivizing, paying and communicating with your affiliates. All with one-click simplicity.

Kartra Training

When you join Kartra you have full access to their ‘Kartranaut’ training platform, packed with step-by-step videos. But to be honest, Kartra is so user-friendly, you will hardly use this feature!

Kartra Pricing – What Will Kartra Do For Me?

Kartra is a really powerful suite of integrated marketing tools, so no more messing around buying and integrating multiple platforms in order to cobble together your solution!

  • Kartra can build your website
  • Kartra can send your emails
  • Kartra can manage your leads
  • Kartra can host your videos 
  • Kartra can build your membership site
  • Kartra can keep track of your calendar
  • Kartra can sell your products
  • And much, much more. 

But most importantly, Kartra can help you realize your dream of running a successful and profitable business. 

Don’t keep that dream on hold any longer. 

!!!! Grab the Kartra Free Trial now !!!! 

Kartra Offer Worth Grabbing

If by now you are really interested in Kartra, and want to use it to start your own Digital Marketing Agency or Social Media Management Agency, I have a great offer for you.

If you use my affiliate link to purchase Kartra, when your trial is over and you make your first payment, I will send you my collection of 49 essential Agency documents.

This pack includes a professional pitch presentation, two proposal templates, sample price list and more!

Start A Digital Marketing Agency Today!

Here’s whats in the pack …

Conversion – Flyer, Confidentiality Agreement, Client Presentation, 2x Client Proposal Templates, Agency Price List, Client Agreement Sample, Cold Call Script, Follow-up Script, Client Welcome Letter, Code of Ethics, Business Goals Worksheet, Client History Form, Client Call Notes, and more!

Operations & Finance – Testimonial Request Script, Client Reactivation, Referral Request, Expense Budget Spreadsheet, Monthly profit & Loss Spreadsheet, Month-to-Month Income Trend Tracker Spreadsheet, Rate Increase Script, Client Invoice Example, Declined Payment, Failed Payment Plan Arrangement Scripts, Renewal Reminders, and more! 

Trouble & Retention – Client Boundaries, New Client Refusal Scripts, Time Waster Termination Script, Simple Refund Request Handling, Simple Termination, When Client Isn’t Following Through, Prospect Visits Sales Page But Doesn’t Buy, Prospect Say ‘Not In My Budget’, Prospect Says ‘No’, Discovery Session No Show, and more!

How to Claim Your Agency Documents Pack

Drop me an email via my contact form, and give me the email address you registered for Kartra with together with your full name. I will cross-check with my Kartra dashboard and then email the document pack out to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Kartra cost?

Kartra Starter plan costs $99 per month, the Silver plan (their most popular plan)  costs $199 per month, the Gold Plan costs $299 per month, and the Platinum plan costs $499 per month. There is also a good discount if you choose to pay yearly up-front.

What does Kartra replace?

As an all-in-one marketing platform, Kartra replaces a bunch of your other marketing tools, and integrates them under one platform. 

Kartra users do not need a separate landing page builder (such as Leadpages), and email responder (such as Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign), a shopping cart tool such as Samcart), membership software (such as Kajabi), or a Helpdesk provider (such as LiveAgent).

Can I use my own domain on Kartra?

Sure you can. You can either point your domain direct to your Kartra-hosted pages, or use a simple plugin in order to embed your Kartra pages seamlessly into WordPress!

Can I use Kartra with WordPress?

All you need to do is upload and enable a plugin in your WordPress dashboard. There are two plugins to choose from, Blank Slate or KCSG Kartra Pages. You can then host your Kartra pages from within your WordPress website!

Do I need coding skills to use Kartra?

Definitely not! No coding experience is necessary at all because Kartra uses a very simple drag-and-drop interface and menu wizards to enable you to build a very professional marketing, sales and delivery platform. There is also a wide range of pre-built templates and complete funnels for you too!

Is there a money-back guarantee for Kartra?

First of all there is a 14-day trial. Then, if for any reason you’re not satisfied with Kartra you can receive a full refund when you request it within 30 days after your trial ends.

Which Kartra package should I choose?

One of the fantastic benefits of Kartra is that  no matter which package you choose, you get every feature from the start.

So which Kartra package should you choose? Well the Starter package gets you, well, started! The Silver Package gives you the better bang for your buck because it has mostly unlimited features. 

Gold and Platinum are for the heavy-lifters. 

Always remember, you can hop from plan to plan if you need to, upgrade or downgrade.

Kartra Pricing – Conclusion

I hope my Kartra pricing and package post has helped you with any questions you may have had about Kartra pricing, packages or features. 

If not, please feel free to reach out to me in the comments and I will do my best to answer you.

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