How to Influence the Thoughts of Your Target Audience in Online Marketing

How to Influence the Thoughts of Your Target Audience in Online Marketing
Using Push polls

A sneaky trick that can be very effective in online marketing to influence the thoughts of your target audience!

This article explains how push-polls can be used to influence any target audience.

Thinking of Nothing

Someone once told me that it is absolutely impossible to think of nothing at all.

Whenever I try to do it, I close my eyes and try to think of nothing at all, a picture of an old chimp pops up in my mind. Weird or what!

You try it. Close your eyes and think of nothing.

Bam – chances are that at some point you thought of the chimp.

Strange that isn’t it. I almost told you what you should think of, without actually telling you!

Push polls work on a very similar basis.

What Are Push Polls?

Push Polls are not new. In fact their origin can be traced way back over 70 years. Primarily associated with political campaigns, push polls are nothing short of pure evil marketing.

Disguised as valid surveys, a voter is asked a series of questions biased towards a particular candidate or biased against a particular candidate.

Questions like “Would you vote for Candidate A if you were aware that they have links with terrorist organisation?” Are carefully chosen to implant an image in the minds of voters, that will sway their opinion and change their vote.

Another type of push poll question may ask a voter “Do you believe that the media wrongly attributes gun violence to Second Amendment rights?”

By including “wrongly” in there, it is conditioning the survey taker.

And the same principle of implant thoughts actually works in online marketing too. 


Use framing questions and statements to implant thoughts in the minds of the reader, viewer or listener. The questions or statements don’t even have to be based on fact – just hypothetical. 

Would you buy <product> backed with a 100% uptime guarantee if you knew that leading competing products have a high failure rate?

What would you do if you found out that your current hosting platform limited the number of visitors to your funnel? Try our <product> hosting because it is totally unlimited!

If you knew that competing digital marketing agencies use YouTube to learn how to create Facebook Ad Campaigns, would you still use them? Give our experienced professional team a call and do it right!

A point to note here is that you should never actually name the competitors you are being biased against. It comes across as shabby and your target audience looks negatively on it.

There are zillions more, but hopefully this will get your evil marketer genius juices flowing!

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