How To Launch A Mobile App With The Help Of Your Competitors

What we can learn from the amazing Burger King Whopper Detour marketing campaign
Launch an App with the help of competitors

Launch a mobile app and flip the finger to your competitors at the same time. Sound crazy? Want to know how to get your competitors to help your launch? A clever evil marketing tactic is to use your competitors in such a way that it boosts your own brand and launch a mobile app. Sound crazy to you? Well here is the story of how Burger King did this using McDonalds.

In December 2018 fast-food giants Burger King came up with the mother of all marketing campaigns to launch a mobile app.

They had redesigned their mobile app and had included a new feature that would allow customers to order-ahead, essentially place an order and then collect from a BK outlet.

The question for the launch was how to get the maximum publicity for their new feature, and drive the business forward. Their solution was nothing short of genius.

Using the location detection ability of smartphones, they came up with their ‘Whopper Detour’ campaign.

First, customers had to download their new mobile app. Then all they had to do was get themselves within 600 feet (about 180m) of a McDonald’s location and the app would allow them to order a Whopper for just 1-cent.

When the order had been placed, the customer was directed away from the McDonalds and to the nearest Burger King to pick up their food within the hour.

The stunt boosted downloads of the Burger King mobile app by 1.5 million, hitting the Apple Store number 1 slot for several days. That’s quite an impressive feat given that on the face of it, their new app was nothing special.

This kind of guerilla marketing is perfectly ethical and as you can see in this example, potentially very effective. So if you are about to launch an app, try a different approach. A little abstract thinking around digital marketing campaigns and opportunities could reap big benefits for your app launch. So give your whiteboard some love and have fun!

Burger King’s ‘Whopper Detour’ wins Cannes Grand Prix in Mobile

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