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Some gurus are an ungrateful bunch, aren’t they? I mean, we allow them to email us, we invite them onto our screens, and we even send them money. And what do they do? They bombard us with more stuff. They ask us to send them even more money. They tell us to do this, do that, no not that way, do it this way. You need ads. You don’t need ads. SEO it. Don’t bother with SEO. You need a website. No, you need a funnel. Blah, blah, blah

And what about some customers? They’re no better. Whining and whinging, always have a beef about something or other. Too much detail. Not enough detail. Videos too long. Videos too short. The course went on for too long. It was way too short. Too many words in your posts. Not enough words. On and on and on. 

A constant stream of shit laced noise, assaulting our ears and filling our minds with doubts and stress.

My solution? Fire them.

Fire the gurus causing you the grief. Be selective. Slim down the number of mouths you are listening to. 

And fire the problem customers, those that you can never please. Focus your energy into relationship building with customers who are grateful for your help, positive, loyal customers who happily give you referrals, testimonials, and their custom. 

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Andy Wood

Andy Wood

My mission is to guide and empower you with the tools, resources, strategies, and tactics to help you succeed in your online business, and (of course) EXPLODE your income so you can live life on your own terms.

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