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Productivity Hygiene

Productivity Hygiene

In these strange days, our Government is teaching us to wash our hands regularly. It helps prevent infection, but apparently, we have a habit of

smart marketing

Smart Marketing

Smart marketing is essential in these days of attention demand. Here are some examples to stimulate your smart marketing thinking. In what seems a lifetime

Fire Them

Some gurus are an ungrateful bunch, aren’t they? I mean, we allow them to email us, we invite them onto our screens, and we even

success is contagious


Ideas are contagious. An idea can spread like wildfire, infecting every thought you have, the people around you, local communities, and even the world.  Actions

content studio publishing tool

Social Media Publishing Tool

Social Media Publishing Tool I’ve been using a different social media tool over the past couple of weeks – Content Studio (I used to use

Don’t let regrets hold you back

I am old enough to know that people who say they have no regrets are deluding themselves. Everyone has regrets.  ‘I shouldn’t have done that’

ROI for social media

How to Measure Social Media ROI

A question I’m often asked is “how do I know if my social media activity is useful for my business or not?”. What we’re talking

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