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This is my personal blog, covering leadership skills, self-improvement, entrepreneurship, and other random things that I find interesting. I also talk about my books and my writing process.

Posts are a blend of my own thoughts and articles written by others. Every day, well most days, I trawl the Internet looking for stuff to share with you. I am the algorithm, so I pick what interests me!

All of this is presented in a no-nonsense, no-bullshit manner – up-front and personal.

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My Bio

I was born in Kingston Upon Hull, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England – far too long ago. I guess I was an average student at school, not the brightest, but not the dimmest either. My formative working years were spent digging holes and climbing poles for a local telephone company. I absolutely loved it!

I get bored easily though, so after a few years I moved on. I blagged my way onto a University course – 4 years Electronic Engineering. Social life was great but electronics was tedious. Still, 4 years away from work and living the student life – not so bad!

I returned to my working life with all the enthusiasm as a kid waiting in line to meet Santa at the mall, knowing that when you get to the front, Santa punches you.

I didn’t have a career plan so I hopped from job to job, but increasing my responsibilities and pay as I went. I ended up as one of a team of three that secured one of the fastest, and largest, management buy-outs of a tech company, just before the tech bubble burst!

Over the years I learned lots about running a business, and have been involved in a few start-ups – some worked, some definitely did not. Eventually, I set up my own consulting and coaching business which went on to generate multiple 7-figures.

Bored of trains, airports, hotel shuttles and being away from home, I decided to retire early and do what I wanted – currently a mixture of dog walking, writing and going to the gym. I am lucky that I can afford to do what I want, but I’m a believer that you create your own luck, mostly through hard work and long hours. As an ‘average’ Joe, I know for sure that anyone can succeed.

Stay Tuned for Updates

News, views and other brilliant stuff sent directly to your mailbox!