8 Top Ways To Promote Affiliate Links For Bloggers

The tricks of affiliate link placement
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Affiliate marketing is not as simple as throwing up a blog post and splattering your affiliate links in several places throughout. Actually, to get the best results, you should be using more elegant, and proven ways, to display your links. In this short article, I reveal the 8 Top Ways To Promote Affiliate Links For Bloggers.

1. Blog Posts

Creating regular blog posts that are both informative and entertaining is a surefire way to build trust, and authority with your audience. Relationships are everything in digital marketing, and blogs are an ideal way to do this.

The most obvious place to place affiliate links is within the blog posts themselves. The trick is not to over-do it! Aim to use no more than three affiliate links in each article. If you use more, you risk alienating your readers.

2 Review Articles

The only exception to the advice above is when you are creating review articles. If you write a review comparing several products, you can include an affiliate link for each of the products you review.  The rule of thumb is to insert two affiliate links per product if you are reviewing up to 5 products, and one affiliate link per product if you are reviewing 6 or more.

3. Images

An often missed trick is to link your images with your affiliate links. People will often try clicking on an image, usually to try and make it bigger. If you make your image clickable, when someone clicks on it, they will be taken to the product using your affiliate link. Even if they immediately realize their mistake and hit the back button to return to your article, your affiliate cookies will be set in their browser. If they subsequently return to the product before your cookie times out, you will be credited for the sale.

4 Email Marketing List

How many times have you heard that the ‘money is in the list’? Well, it’s true! Your mailing list is a fantastic opportunity to provide value to your audience and to insert your affiliate links. Try to follow the same rules as for blogging. Too many links in each email will undoubtedly p**s of your audience, so be subtle!

5 Giveaways Freebies

Another great place to insert affiliate links is in freebies or giveaways. Create something of value to your audience, for example, a report, white paper, or ebook, and insert your affiliate links within the text of your freebie.

6 Tools/Resources

Consider creating a blog page that is a ‘Rolodex’ of tools or resource recommendations your audience will find useful. A page showing, for example, the best hosting companies, social media publishing tools, funnel building tools, would be very helpful if your readers are interested in digital marketing.

7 Thank You Page

Ah, the often overlooked thank you page. When someone successfully subscribes to your list, redirect them to a thank you page. On that page, in addition to thanking them, point them to an affiliate product they may find useful.

For example…

Hey there, your ebook is on its way to you. In the meantime, you should take a look at the Digital Marketing Suite of tools that blows Clickfunnels, Kartra, and many others out of the water (and it’s way cheaper too!). Click this link now…

8 Social Media

I have included social media for the sake of completeness, but do tread carefully here. Social media is intended to be just that, ‘social’. Overtly promoting paid products on social media is generally frowned upon, unless you do it in groups that allow it. The best way is to insert links in your own profile, and then just try to help people on social media by giving good advice, commenting regularly, and participating in discussions. People will want to know more about you and will find your profile!


For sure, affiliate marketing is a tough business, but if you get a good match between your products and your audience, and learn to be smart with your link placement, there is no real reason why you will not succeed.

Well there you have it, I hope you have enjoyed and found this article to be helpful.

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