6 Reasons You Are Going To Fail (and how to avoid them)

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1. Fear – you get scared

2. Commitment – you are not fully committed to what you are doing

3. Focus – you focus on short term wins and quit when they don’t materialise fast enough

4. Money – you run out of money by spending on things you want rather than need

5. Skill – you try to do things that you are simply not equipped to do and as a result quality suffers.

6. Time – you simply run out of time

These reasons cover just about anything you can think of, from building a business online or offline, to winning an Olympic Gold medal, at least one of these reasons can trip you up.

But all is not lost. There’s a saying that bounces around the business world every now and then – ‘Planning Prevents P*ss Poor Performance’. If you plan correctly, your business can overcome anything thrown at it. 

  • Plan for the Fear – it’s perfectly natural to fear. As you deal with one self-doubt, another one seems to materialize. Learn to recognize the doubt and embrace it. Doubt is a way of life for most entrepreneurs.
  • Commitment – build your business around something you enjoy doing and your commitment is assured.
  • Focus – Short term planning is essential, but so is medium-term planning. So set yourself some realistic goals for the medium term, and one measure your progress towards these goals (long term planning is about as accurate and useful as a long-range weather forecast!).
  • Money – Hang on to your cash. It’s easy to fool yourself into spending on stuff you don’t actually need.
  • Skill – don’t try to do important things that you don’t have the skills for. Accept that you are not an expert in everything, so hire people who are.
  • Time – Nature doesn’t like straight lines, but business does. Take the most direct route to your goal. Never take the scenic route! 

You can do this. You just have to find the best way to succeed.

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Andy Wood

Andy Wood

My mission is to guide and empower you with the tools, resources, strategies, and tactics to help you succeed in your online business, and (of course) EXPLODE your income so you can live life on your own terms.

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