I help people like you start and build their own online business. I aim to give a no-nonsense corrective to some of the woolly-minded, over-optimistic, orthodox wisdom of the self-proclaimed gurus. Some people say I’m an irreverent idiot. Others say I am the true antidote. Read and decide for yourself.​


Productivity Hygiene

Productivity Hygiene

In these strange days, our Government is teaching us to wash our hands regularly. It helps prevent infection, but apparently, we have a habit of

smart marketing

Smart Marketing

Smart marketing is essential in these days of attention demand. Here are some examples to stimulate your smart marketing thinking. In what seems a lifetime

Meet the team.

Andy Wood

le grand fromage

Business geek, serial entrepreneur and retired consultancy and digital agency owner. Spend my days blogging, and helping people who are aiming to make their first million dollars online. When I’m not playing online, I can be found taking my buddy, Taffy, for a walk.


la petite fromage

Head of security and Chief Sleep Officer, when I’m awake I bark at anything I can. Cats, dogs, leaves, grass, you name it, I’ll bark at it. When I’m not barking I’m sleeping on the sofa next to my dad’s desk, or taking him for a walk.

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