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“Knowledge, skills, and effort can take you anywhere you want to be!”

This is my personal blog, covering entrepreneurship skills, self-improvement, and other random things that I find interesting.

Posts are a blend of my own thoughts and articles written by others. Every day, well most days, I trawl the Internet looking for stuff to share with you. I am the algorithm, so I pick what interests me!

All of this is presented in a no-nonsense, no-bs manner – up-front and personal.

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Born in England. Average at school. Started work at 17: digging holes and climbing telephone poles. Bored easily so blagged my way into University: degree and masters in electronics. Back to work. Found myself in senior management. Learned lots about running a business.

Involved in a few start-ups: some worked, some definitely did not. Secured over $200m in venture capital. Listed in the Who’s Who of British Business Elite.

Set up my own consulting and coaching business, me+laptop+phone. Generated multiple 7-figures. Bored of travel and being away from home. Retired to do what I want – currently a mixture of dog walking, photography and writing.


How To Get Noticed, Build an Army of Raving Fans, and Create an Insanely Powerful Online Brand – and all without using paid ads!

by Andrew Wood

Discover How to Create A Strong And Long-lasting Online Brand to Power Your  Blog, Your Business And Your Career


What People Are Saying

I found myself laughing so hard


I found myself laughing so hard at this ‘management’ book packed so full of truth bombs that I nearly fell off my chair

Be a leader's leader


Most books teach you to keep quiet, follow the heard and climb the ladder. This book is the opposite. It teaches you to be a leader’s leader.

Interesting and funny


In the present political climate in the United States, this reads almost like the biography of Trump’s rules of dictatorship.

The wisdom of Sun Tzu, but more engaging with ...

Gregory V Diehl

The wisdom of Sun Tzu, but more engaging with its modern wit and unique take on business culture. 

A fun but telling critique of modern management B.S.


A no-nonsense corrective to some of the woolly-minded, over-optimistic, orthodox wisdom of business & management gurus. 

Laugh Out Loud Funny!!


Clever, insightful and laugh out loud funny. It eerily mirrors many aspects of the Trump Administration.

If you’re new to digital marketing, this book reads like a firehose.

Steve Windsor

By the time I was done, I knew the direction I needed to take with my own efforts in branding, messaging, and making content for my target audience. Some great examples throw in as well.

A Secret Weapon: I Used It To Evaluate The Company I Work For!

Tish Mellon

You want a secret weapon? Use Mr. Wood’s “Think Digital Leadership Wheel” to check your own company. You may be working for the wrong company!

So much to take away. This is a book you cannot do without!

Nilah M

I must say, this book is not only practical and chock full of digital wisdom, it is also highly inspiring and clears your mind to focus on the nitty-gritties of the digital revolution.